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We don’t ever want anyone to forget our perfect little magick shop where this all began! Back in the summer of 2014 our beautiful family-owned magick emporium was opened in the heart of Yorkshire, England. We were determined that this would be a quaint little store that would not have been out of place in Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, and it was! It was a bustling little shop filled with love, warmth, and positive energy, a place embraced so warmly by those from all spiritual paths that  people would even come from overseas to pay us a visit - such was Practical Magick’s reputation!

In November 2016 Witch Casket was launched, and we could not have known then that it would become so popular so quickly! We soon realised that Witch Casket was the most efficient and effective way of spreading our magick across the globe – so it was with light and happy hearts we closed the doors of Practical

Magick on 18th February 2017, knowing that we had not suffered one day of stress and anguish there, it was perfect from beginning to end and we were so happy to be closing because of success, rather than failure – happy to realise that there are so many magickal people worldwide….it was clear this was bigger than anything Practical Magick could cater for.

Thank you – all of you, for making our experience such a beautiful one – and for allowing us to continue to sprinkle our magick, not only here in Yorkshire, but all across this glorious planet!