Lunar Energy Charm Bag 🌑✨

Harnessing the moon’s energy to give yourself a little more motivation and energy! 🔮


You will need:

·         Pyrite

·         Rosemary

·         Peppermint

·         Bag/Pouch

On the night of a full moon, take the pyrite and leave it outside to bask outside in the moon’s lunar energy! ✨

Once the pyrite has absorbed the magickal energy of the moon, add it to the pouch with the energising rosemary and peppermint. 🌿

Carrying this charm bag with you will fill you with a renewed energy and motivation, and should you wish to feel its magickal benefits in a specific area of your life, you can add in an amulet, charm, or small token to represent your intent. 🔮


Get creative! For example, if you are looking for motivation or energy at work, you can add in a business card, of you need motivation to save for something special, add in a coin…the only limit is your imagination! 🖤

The Lunar Energy Charm Bag kit containing everything you need for this, is available for subscribers to purchase on our web store.