Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem….and Magick! ✨

Given that magick works with energy, intent, and belief – on the surface of it, some people might consider that those of us suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, or other similar issues, maybe not be the best candidates for witchcraft – after all, it takes a strong will and bags of confidence to cast powerful magick…but those people would be wrong.


When performing rituals and casting spells, witches work with their higher selves – their ego is set aside, and their true inner power is what they draw on as they work their magick. 🔮

So, while in our everyday life we may feel damaged, or anxious, or weak – our higher-selves transcend our usual everyday limitations and no matter our usual emotional state, we can feel empowered and strong, and our magick can be as potent as anyone’s! 🙌🏼

Grounding ourselves regularly, and being in touch with our higher-selves, is a cathartic and healing practise.

Candle Magick 🕯️✨

Candle magick is a very quick and easy way to use the element of fire to release negativity, or set intentions. 🕯️🔮

Different coloured candles can be used to achieve different results – here’s a list of the basic candle colours and their most common uses! We hope this simple overview will help those new to candle magick! 🌟


Black – protection, repelling, banishing, hex-breaking, and ridding yourself of bad habits. Black can also enhance will-power and inner strength. Helps to overcome grief.

Brown – an earthy colour which can aid grounding and balance – helps with concentration, good sense, and decision making. Can help with locating items which have been lost.

Gold – success, confidence, wealth, abundance, and victory!

Green – money and financial success, good fortune, fertility, renewal, bountiful harvests.

Orange – happiness, energy, success. A great candle to bring courage and energy into any situation, can help in achieving goals and bringing motivation and enthusiasm. Also great for attracting friendship and helping with emotional healing.

Pink – love of all kinds; friendship, romance, self-love. Aids with forgiveness, compassion, spiritual and emotional healing, and spiritual awakening.

Purple – aids with psychic ability, spirituality, intuition, opening the third eye, divination. Promotes sensitivity, and spiritual growth and is ideal for healing, reducing stress, and separation from ego.

Silver – inner peace, deflection, stability. Use this to deflect negativity, stabilise emotions and energies, and bring inner-peace.

Yellow – creativity, inspiration, learning, and communication. Ideal for bringing a sense of your own power and boosting your self-esteem.

White – symbolises innocence, purity, wisdom – can be used in rituals for healing, cleansing, spirituality, and truth. White can also be a substitute for any other candle – it’s one to keep in stock for sure!


Tarot Cards - 1 - The Magician ✨


1 – THE magician


The Magician is all about new beginnings – he connects the spiritual and material world and reminds us of our unlimited potential, The Magician advises us that whatever we can imagine, we can create! 🙌🏻

This is a card of higher power – and The Magician urges us to use our power without hesitation.

You are not only physically ready, but you are emotionally ready too. You have everything you need right now to manifest your desires; so, move forward with plans and ideas in the knowledge that you can achieve your goals. 💫

When you see The Magician in a reading he’s there to remind you that you are a powerful, creative – and now is the time to commit yourself fully to the task at hand. You are ready! 🔮


In contrast, The Magician in reverse may signify that you don’t yet have the necessary skills or vision to bring your plan to fruition – so it’s time to regroup and ensure that you have a clear vision of what you want, and have educated yourself in the steps you need to take to achieve it. 🖤


Casting a Magick Circle 🖤

A magick circle is an energetic field that you surround yourself with before your magickal workings begin. Some people also like to cast a magick circle before meditating. ✨

The circle provides protection since you cast it with the intent of positive energies only being allowed to enter. This means that when you open yourself up to energies, you are protected from negative ones. Not only this, but it contains and amplifies your own personal energies making your magick more powerful; the circle is almost like a cauldron for brewing up powerful energies!

 There are many ways to cast a circle – and this is just one that we’d like to share with you:

 1. Decide on a place to practise your magick where you won’t be disturbed.

 2. Imagine where your circle will be and place something that represents each of the elements Earth/North, Air/East, Fire/South, Water/West at the appropriate point – examples are as follows:

·         Earth: crystal, stone, plant.

·         Air: incense, feather.

·         Fire: oil burner, candle, burning resin.

·         Water: goblet/chalice containing water.

 3. Relax and breathe until you feel calm, centred.

 4.  Stand facing east, in the centre of the circle.

Imagine the wind all around you and tune in to the element of air.

With an athame, wand, or finger draw an outline of a pentacle in mid-air – say

“I call upon the energies of air”

 5. Continue to ‘cast’ the circle (clockwise) with your athame, wand, or finger until you face south. Imagine the fire crackling as you tune in to the element of fire.

With an athame, wand, or finger draw an outline of a pentacle in mid-air – say

“I call upon the energies of fire”

 6. Continue to ‘cast’ the circle (clockwise) with your athame, wand, or finger until you face west. Imagine rain, and waves, and the power of water all around as you tune in.

With an athame, wand, or finger draw an outline of a pentacle in mid-air – say

“I call upon the energies of water”

 7. Continue to ‘cast’ the circle (clockwise) with your athame, wand, or finger

until you face north. Feel the earth under your feet and send invisible roots down through the soles of your feet to connect with the earth. With an athame, wand, or finger draw an outline of a pentacle in mid-air – say

“I call upon the energies of earth”

8. Now you can do your magickal work in the safety of your magick circle.

 9. When you’ve finished your work, thank the spirits individually by bringing them into your thoughts and acknowledging them (Example: “Air, thank you for being here”, and so on)

Before you step out of your circle say “The circle is open, but never broken” – you can now leave your magickal space. 🌟🔮


Tarot Cards - 0 - The Fool ✨


0 – The Fool


The Fool represents beginnings, potential, and opportunity. He urges us to commit to something even though it may feel risky or we may not yet know the outcome of our actions – a risk-taker, the fool does not need to know everything; he has faith in himself and embraces the unknown without worry or anxiety!

When this card shows up in a reading he tells us the time is NOW Don’t wait until you have all the plans firmly in place, take a leap of faith, the world is yours, take the risk! 💫

A card of impulsiveness and spontaneity, The Fool is a sign of adventure and fun! 💕

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or self-doubt, meditate on The Fool and free your child-like inner self. Call on The Fool any time you feel overwhelmed by fear or dread and he’ll remind you that life is for living and enjoying – so don’t think about it, live it! 🙌🏻🌟

In Reverse

In contrast The Fool in reverse may suggest that you are biting off more than you can chew, taking too many risks, or are unprepared for what’s to come – so the advice here is to take stock, and only take calculated risks - because your actions will have consequences! 💗


Ten Recommended Crystals for Beginners ✨

Crystals – those wonderfully powerful, magnetic, and beautiful stones that we all find utterly irresistible! But where do you start? There are so many to choose from! Well, it was almost impossible to choose just ten crystals – but when starting out, the crystals below would provide a perfect stone for almost any situation! 🔮✨



A stone of spirituality and healing. Amethyst is an amazing meditation stone and is thought to enhance psychic abilities. A healing stone for body, mind, and soul!


An energising stone of happiness and courage! Citrine can help with creativity and self-esteem. Citrine is also a stone of abundance and is believed to attract prosperity.


A stone of focus, protection and intuition. Fluorite promotes stability and clear-thinking, it’s a great stone for studying, or anyone seeking clarity of mind. It is a protective stone which can drive away negativity and stress.


A beautifully grounding stone of optimism, courage, and determination. Hematite is a harmonious stone which dispels negativity and gives you a magnetic ability to attract what you desire.


A highly spiritual stone which can help to clear and protect your aura – making it ideal for meditation! Labradorite is a stone of transformation and growth.


A calming and uplifting stone which helps us to cope with new beginnings. Enhances intuition and help you to connect with your female energy. An ideal stone for anyone who is over-emotional or over-stressed.

Rose Quartz

A stone of universal love: self-love, romantic love, friendship etc. Rose quartz opens the heart to promote deep inner healing and feelings of peace.


A crystal of clarity and cleansing. A wonderful cleansing stone, selenite can be used to cleanse any other crystal, and is also great for healing relationships as it nurtures understanding and empathy.

Tigers Eye

A stone of charisma, power, magnetism and confidence. Ideal in situations such as job interviews, helps you to keep a clear head and aids quick thinking.


Power! A great amplifier, clear quartz adds power to your energies and intentions – use it with any other crystal to super-charge its properties!

We hope this can help you and you all have a magickal day!! 🔮💕